• Molly: I've been outside all day long, I want a cozy place where I can sing this song. A place where i'll reside, I wanna be inside! 'So build me a building! Yeah.
  • Molly sing while Goby and Deema put a window on the house, Oona puts a rug down, Nonny puts a chimney on the roof and Deema and Goby put a door on the house*
  • Molly: Glass for the windows, a rug on the roof. Bricks for the chimney, a big wooden door. I'll even take a playroom or two, you know what to do! So build me a building. Let's go! Build me a building, build me a castle, a house, or a school! Build me a building! Yeah, yeah! Four walls and a roof, are totally cool! Build me a building! Build me a building... Some buildings are small, like a shed or a hut. Some buildings are tall like a skyscraper. But I don't care about the height, you can paint it purple, red, or white! Just get me to the construction site! Build me a building! Build me a library or dental school! Build me a building, Yeah yeah! Four walls and a roof...
  • Gil: Hey, can she throw in a pool?
  • Molly: Yeah, we'll throw in a pool! Buildings with pools, totally cool! Build me a building! Build me a building! Build me a building! Build me a building!

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