This Song Is a dance from The episode The Crayon Prix!

Characters SingingEdit

Characters Dancing


  • Goby: Colours what Do they mean?, What do they mean?, what do they mean? Colours, what do they mean? What do they mean!?
  • Gil, Goby and Oona:Green means go, go with the flow.
  • Oona: If What You've Seen, is the colour green.
  • Gil and Goby: Then everybody knows that green means Go!
  • Goby: Colours, what do they mean, what do they mean, what do they mean?
  • Gil: Colours, What do they mean. What do they mean?
  • Goby: Red Means stop, so stop.
  • Gil Goby and Oona: If you see red, just freeze instead of moving ahead.
  • Goby: Cause I said at the Top, that Red means stop!

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