Milk song is a Dance from Have A Cow!
Have a cow!

Characters SingingEdit

Characters DancingEdit



Deema: If you want to get milk, I'll tell you how.

Deema: You better go out and find a cow.

Deema: Milk, Milk, milk that cow.

Mr grouper with sheep
Deema: Cow, cow, milk that cow.

Deema:we get our milk, fresh from the farm.

Gil: Let's go!

Deema: If you need some eggs where do you get them? you better go out abnd look under a chicken.

Deema: Pick em, pick em, pick em from a chicken, chicken, chicken, Pick your eggs from a chicken

Gil:We get eggs fresh from the farm,

Deema: Let's do It!

Deema: If there aren't any carrots, lying around, you better, pull them up, from the ground, carrots, carrots, pull
Have a cow
them from them from the ground, ground, ground, pull carrots from the ground

Gil: Fresh carrots from the farm,

Deema: Let's go!

Deema: Milk the cow, pick the eggs, pull the carrots, we get our food fresh from the farm.

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