400px-Sittin' on a Planet

Characters SingingEdit


Molly: In our solar system, everything keeps spinnin' around. Yeah, yeah!

thumb|500px|right The planets in their orbits and the moon...kind of our cosmic town! Jupiter is gassy, Venus is bright. Mercury's hot, Neptune's cold, but Earth is just right! There's one force in the middle of it all....our source of light and heat: a big fiery ball! Sun.

Oona and Nonny: Sun.

Molly: Beautiful sun.

Deema and Goby: Sun!

Molly: We move around you slowly because you are our only one!

Gil and Oona: One!

Molly: You're our sun! We'll soak up your light 'til it turns to night. Then stars appear and twinkle away! I wish I might, I wish I may, when night fades as you rise! Our Beautiful Sun!

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